A mobile application to help you organize and coordinate your clothes and get a new look and new outfits daily and from your own closet! The aim of the application is to benefit and support women with its fashion advice, reliability, and convenience with both closet management and styling. Minus-28 is a friend that is always there, helping you mix and match your clothes, in fact, you can share the outfits suggested by the app with your friends to get their views and opinions. This app will help you look your best regarding what is available in your closet with its auto-matching functionality and environmental, social as well as physical factors, plus functions that essentially affect a woman’s day to day psyche concerning her body image and self-esteem in terms of choice and identity. Step into the world of fashion from your own closet! The steps you will take are easy and the results are worthy and rewarding! Start Now! After downloading the App, you get a new outfit suggestion every 8 hours, thus 2 outfits per day using items already available in your closet, yet the number of items added to the virtual closet will affect the number of suggested outfits. How does the App work? The outfits are suggested according to a detailed algorithm that includes dependent variables such as color matching, occasion as well as cut where a woman can select the type of attire she prefers and optional weather filtration. Many other factors that every woman take into consideration affect the choices of her outfit such as Cut, Color, Weather, Location, Physical, Mental, Medical, Age, Trends, Occasions, Personality, Skin Tone, Hairstyle, Brands, Marital status, Who will see her, Last Worn, Last Bought, Sizes, Fabrics, Makeup. Leave all this work to us, just choose your clothes according to the sketches and colors in the app, and you can also add your shoes and bags. The outfit suggestions that you love and want to repeat again can be added to your favorites,Heart them and add them! Why Minus-28? You might be wondering why did we choose this name for a fashion app, well the choice was not done randomly, it was based on a research that was conducted by The Today Show and AOL; this research lead to the conclusion that a woman spends around 55 minutes every morning in front of a mirror thus a total of 2 weeks per year. A woman spends 55 Minutes per day in front of a mirror therefore 55 Minutes X 30 Days per Month = 1650 Minutes per Month 1650 ÷ 60 = 27.5 Where 27.5 Hours is rounded to to 28 Hours. 28x12= 336 336÷24=14 (the number of days you save each year when you use this app). SEE! Everything is well thought off and based on a scientific research, and math! Imagine that each year you waste 2 weeks wondering and raging in front of your closet not knowing what to wear and when was the last time you wore this, the cogs in your brains are about to explode! We’ve decided to help you through this daily ordeal and help you get out of the “what shall I wear today” endless maze by introducing your fashion helper and advisor, Minus-28 the app that will recommend outfits and matching shoes and bags and even suggest hair and makeup tips. Minus-28 We have two minuses in the app’s name, and two 'minuses' make a plus! Add 28 hours a month to your calendar, they are there for you to enjoy, be on time, stay elegant and always look fresh, trendy and chic.